What You Need to Know, Ho'olei Home

Move efficiently after your arrival. We recommend Enterprise rental car. We have a partnership discount code that will allow for upgrades or discounts. Enterprise is located on the airport grounds. I highly recommend that one person from the party goes directly to the shuttle and onto Enterprise, rent the vehicle and drive to baggage claim to pick up your family. Everyone landing has rented a car and will end up forming this long line once at the rental agency after baggage is collected. We have heard the line can be over an hour.

Restaurants Reservations that should be made at the same time as your reserve your flights and accommodations. Below are very popular attractions and even in low season they will sell out months in advance. Most of these can be found on Open Table.

  • Mama's Fish House - Paia - Best at Sunset - Request Window Table
  • Monkey Pod - Close to Home - Packed Every Night, Good Happy Hour and Late Night Options
  • O'O Farms - Kula - Best Lunch and Scenic Tour - 10:30-1:30 is Best - $58.00 per person, Bring your Own Wine
  • Old Lahaina Luau - Lahaina - Best of Maui - Authentic - Traditional Seating is more Magical $112 adults, $78 kiki's
  • Warren and Annabelle's Magic Show - Lahaina - Worth the Drive - Request Center Table - No Children
Where to get a few groceries after landing. There are several convenient stops along the way.
  • Whole Foods - 1.1 miles from OGG - Open until 9pm
  • CostCo - down the road from OGG - Open until 9pm
  • SafeWay (Kihei) 5.5 miles from your vacation rental - Open 24 Hours
  • Island Gourmet walk from your Ho'olei vacation rental - Open until 10:30 - This is our newest and best new neighbor in Wailea. Located in the Shops of Wailea this brand new grocery store has everything you will need. They have pre-made foods, deli, liquor, ice cream, tourist necessities.

Private Chefs If you are interested in having someone prepare a meal or two in the home.

  • Private Chefs Maui - John - 808-268-8054
  • The Beast and Spoon - Daniela and Marluy - 808-868-4883
  • Private Maui Chef - Brian Etheredge - 808-868-8992 - Maui Chef of the Year

What should we be careful about when out and about?

Hiking Some of the best hikes are outside of Paia, headed to Hana. Check the weather forecast to ensure that it has not rained in several days and you have a clear forecast today in those areas. It can become very dangerous if wet and there is a chance of flash flooding when going to the waterfall hikes. Also, do not stand under the waterfall, natural falling rocks, debris can come down with that refreshing water.

Getting Close to Animal Life If a monk seal or turtle decides to take a nap next to you on the beach, give it some room. And if snorkeling do not touch or try to ride them. They also tend to be around coral reefs that look beautiful but can supply you with cuts you'd rather not have. There are laws, so keep your distance for your safety and theirs. There are almost no poisionous plants or animals on Maui, but if you see a centipeed, give him space because they have a mean bite. Be careful for sea urchins in the tide pools, don't step on them. If the ocean water is murky after a strong rain, then it is best to find a clear spot to swim.

Poor Time Management Not planning your time well can be inconvenient and dangerous. Leaving for the Road to Hana after lunch could force you to drive for hours in the dark on dangerous roads. If your hoping to grab some beer/wine after dinner, keep in mind that ALL stores stop selling booze after 10:30.

Valuables in Your Car Lock your car, to keep your valuables safe . . . just to be safe!

The Sun! Hawaii is very close to the equator, and the sun is strong year round, so it is very easy to get burned. Bring a light longsleve t-shirt, a good hat and plenty of sun screen. Waterman suncreen is what many locals wear for long days in the sun, you can find it at your local surf shop.

Driving The speed limits on the island are much slower than the mainland. The views are beautiful, but keep your eyes on the road.

Wrong Souvenirs DO NOT bring shells, sand or rocks home from the Hawaiian Islands. These things are sacred, and if you ever saw what happened on the Brady Bunch when visiting Hawaii, you'll know the consequences. You cannot bring any plants or animals off the Island, and your bags will be screened at the airport when you depart. Please leave the shells on the beach for everyone to enjoy. Many of the shells get reused by the hermit crabs, and the broken peices help to replenish the sand on the beaches.

What should we plan for our Keiki (children)?

  • Become a Meramaid - You might have a little one that is obsessed with mermaids. They're mystical creations in the ocean with magic powers. Well now they can try on their own tail and have a certified instructor and life guard will guide them through the wonderful world of merpeople. They get to live and breathe like a mermaid for 2 hours and will have photos taken of them as bragging rights back home.
  • Surf Lessons - Go to Kihei for surf lessons for children or if you are beginner or first-timer.
  • Surf Spectating - Ask around, if the surf is huge, then go checkout Jaws. Locals will be able to tell you if it is breaking. Also, checkout Honolua bay to get an up close overhead view of the local surfers.
  • Horseback Riding - Makena Stabels, check out the lava fields and old Hawaiian King's highway on the very south end of Maui.
  • Local Treats - Kifd love to try the local mangos in the summer months, papaya's year round, upcountry Kula blackberries, apple bananas, banana cakes and breads and other local treats.

Family Beach Portraits - This is an important reminder that you just don't want to forget to organize before you arrival. So many of our guests are generational families. Getting the right beach shot is something that will bring back your special time on this island forever for your family. We recommend a few

  • Ryan, Above Maui Media - 808-359-9232 - Super Sweet and Very Patient, Great Results
  • Graham Chappelle - Photography that Printed Hollywood - Over The Top for Dramatic and Amazing Results for anyone looking for something a bit different 310-294-8855. Highly recommend if your group is in town for a wedding too.

Maui Ocean Center - We recommend but it probably will be a highlight of your children but not yours. Give it about a 2 hour window for them to see all the sea life, eat shaved ice and touch some interesting fish in the pools. If you have come this far, maybe hit Leoda's for a late lunch and take them to Laniopoko beach park. Great small surf/boogie board spot and even a baby pool for the really little ones.

Ho'olei Pools - The pools at the resort are really set up perfectly for the children. The sand filled pool grotto is such a great touch for the kids 2 and under. The river like pool design with shallow depths allow the parents to sit back and enjoy. The waterfalls are safe to be under and the kids love hiding behind them in the rocks. The pool area is never over crowded which is one of the best benefits of the pool. They have fresh water, daily newspapers, coffee and tropical teas, FREE and available in the pool pavilion. There is also have several refrigerators if you want to store a few items or drinks too.

Whale Watching - This made the kids list because it just is incredible but of course everyone will be awed over this experience. During the winter months from late December to April. Seeing a massive humpback haunch out of the water next to the boat is incredible. Each boat will have a naturalist onboard that can share fascinating facts about whales. Some vessels have microphones in the water so you can hear them sing!

From the Cleaning Team

  • Cleaning Supplies - Our team has provided you with a bucket under the laundry and kitchen sink with basic supplies for cleaning.
  • Trash Removal - There are several convenient locations on the property grounds to dispose of your trash. There is a dumpster location for each building.
  • S Building - On the Side of the Parking Spot Numbered 111
  • T Building - On the Side of the Parking Spot Numbered 119
  • L Building - On the Side of the Parking Slot Numbered 69
  • Laundry - Please wash the white towels and white sheets separately from the colored beach towels and clothing. Upon checking out there is no need for you to wash anything. We provide laundry Pods for your convenience.

Extra Items In The Home For Your Convenience:

  • Condiments - Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and a dry Sprite Rack
  • Standard Coffee Maker and A Kuerig Machine (No pods Provided)
  • Rice Cooker
  • Blender - Bullet Type
  • Blankets - One Per Each Bedroom

Security Deposit - If paid via HomeAway, it will be reimbursed 15 days after departure. If authorized credit card, it will be released within 30 days. If paid by check or wire transfer, a check will be mailed within 30 days.

Check-in -Do not check-in at the front desk, our staff will meet and greet in your unit.

Arrival and Departure times - Knowing your flight details will help us prepare for your arrival and help us determine the need of an early check-in or late check-out. Applicable fees may apply.

Access Cards/Garage clicker - Do not forget to leave them in the unit to avoid fees deducted from your security deposit.

Call our staff upon arrival at the airport to plan meet and greet and if you plan to run some errands before heading to the property.

What is your cancellation policy? CANCELLATION - We strongly recommend you buy travel insurance from Allianz Travel Insurance via website www.allianztravelinsurance.com at the time of booking to compensate you in the event you must cancel.
  • If you cancel 90 days before arrival: the initial payment is fully refundable
  • 89 to 60 days before arrival: 35% of total rent is retained.
  • Within 59 days: rent is non-refundable.

Manager reserves the right to cancel any and all reservations up to 60 days in advance of the Date of Arrival for any unforeseen developments such as fire, storm damage, etc. Guests will receive a full refund under this condition. minus a $500.00 administration fee.

What are my options for payment? If you would like to use the Homeaway "Book It" system, they accept all major credit cards. If you would like to work with us directly, we prefer check, bank/ or wire transfer and American Express. Regardless of your choice, we will still use our 5-page Rental Agreement, so all details are fully understood.

Baby Equipment Rental Companies We provide a porta crib, highchair and stroller for no additional fee.

Does this home have a view? Our homes in the S and T building have a "garden view" from the lanai. Meaning you will look out to beautiful tropical vegetation of palm trees, bamboo and native trees and flowers. Our home in the L building has a widespread ocean view, with beautiful tropical vegetation and flowers below.

Are the pictures on the site current? Our homes are constantly being maintained with new paint, carpet and upgraded furniture needs. You may arrive to different throw pillows or bedding, however the quality, style and decor will be consistent with the pictures you see on our site.